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Nowadys the market of recruiting agencies is constantly developing and a lot of companies wants to find the better staff for itself. Each agency aspires to give a maximum of effective methods which derectly affects at the quantity of clients and the level of income. Agencies realise necessity of implement of modern recruiting technologies, thus, the more unique and effective they are the more attractively they look for the client.

We represent you the new recruiting technology — VibraImage system, which allows you work with human resources contactless and more effective. It helps you to understand the competitor much better during the interview.

You can see the examples of using the VibraImage recruiting software below:

Набор персонала с помощью системы VibraImage Набор персонала с помощью системы VibraImage

Often employers address in such agencies for recruiting the «complicated» type of employees which is impossible to finf by press or Internet such as top-managers and the most qualified experts who are already has another work place (headhunting). In such cases the decrease of risk of making becomes prioritized and the VibraImage system solves this problem qualitatively.

Thus, the VibraImage system solves a big list of problems of modern recruiting: it helps to learn more about the competitor, to convict lie, to reduse pressure to the candidate during interview, to raise the recruiting agency status. VibraImage can easily replace the whole recruiting experts staff (psychologies, HR managers) and a set of psychological tests, than saves time and money for the agency and competitors.

The VibraImage system applied successfully in organisation which are indused to recruit a lot of new employees constantly. The system is very simple in usage and does not need an expert, every specialist can work with it. And the most important thing is that thanks to the VibraImage system the organisation is released from necessity of the constant reference for recruiting agencies that, certainly, effectively saves its means.

Now, using the VibraImage software you can:

— check the level of honesty of each competitor;
— work contactless and raise the efficiency of interview;
— have a great chance to reduce costs to the recruiting making it by yourself.
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