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VibraMid is designed for technical profiling and detection of suspicious behavior person. VibraMid solves the following aims:

  • Suspicious behavior detection of person in flow;
  • Passengers flow monitoring;
  • Macro movements  control.

VibraMid is one of the best antiterrorist detector in the world. Better is only VibraImage PRO!

Try it free! Just download and activate with demo code DEMO_MID

VibraMid operates in vibraimage Macro Mode and detects suspicious person with abnormal movement value parameters differs from other persons in crowd. The typical movement value for normal persons in frame shows statistics range for changes in status window for some time period.

VibraMid automatically detects suspicious person in real time screening by standard web or IP cameras. VibraMid operator immediatlely sees the suspicious person in flow and the threat level of suspicious person.

Sure flow control gives low accuracy than personal checking provided by VibraMed and Vibraimage PRO, but for some objects flow and crowd detections give the chance to indicate abnormal behavior and capture suspicious person.


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