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Compatibility VI+

Now you can choose the best couple for you from the big list of most compatible with you people, even while you chatting in Skype. Quantitative measurement and testing of couple compatibility for lovers, friends, familiar, partners etc. Compatibility scale is in % from (0-100)%, the best compatibility corresponds to 100%

Try it free! Just download and activate with demo code DEMO_DC

The special program for personal compatibility calculation or love calculator also operating with Skype. Simple interface and science accuracy gives this program chance to be friendly used with family, friends and professional recrute agency.

The fieid of Compatibility-VI+ application is very wide and makes this software the best method for successful recruiting of colleagues, employees, and the most important thing, a couple. Wor operating with Compatibility-VI= you just need a PC with installed Compatibility-VI+ software and a web camera. Capture video of couple by webcam for compatibility level calculation. The best level of comatibility is 100%, the lowest 0%.

By the video of couple, the VibraImage system analyzing the symmetry of personal reflex vibrations, simply more symmetry aura gives more compatibility. For using the Compatibility-VI system you just need to install the VI software to your computer and switch on web camera. Then to find partner what you want and test compatibility. You can just sit down together in front of your camera for 10 seconds or 1 minute (for high accuracy) and to receive the result to the most important question - how much you are compatible with each other. Most of all, you can use the Compatibility-VI software as video on real time or by video records analysis. This way you can store a lot of different videos and the VibraImage system will choose the best couple for you from your records.

Note, that love and compatibility could go away, so you need to test it regular to be sure that all is OK!


See the compatibility result on the left colomn of the screen!

With Compatibility-VI software you can:

Find the one love by webcam;

Compare your loves and partners by compatibility value;

Test partners for teamwork and create professional and compatible team.

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